Residential Searches

Drug use can begin at a very early age. As a parent, you may be concerned about how to confirm suspicions of illegal drugs in your child’s room. These concerns can too often result in unwanted and ineffective confrontation.

A drug dog can easily solve this situation privately. Using a SVK9’s handler-dog team is a simple way to discreetly detect the presence of narcotics in your home, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

SVK9’s services are completely discreet, confidential and effective. We will schedule the search at a day and time which you have determined is best for your situation. We will arrive at your home in an unmarked car, wearing street clothes, not uniforms.

During the search, if narcotics are detected, the SVK9 dog will indicate his findings with a simple passive sit or a standing stare. The SVK9 handler will identify the location the dog is indicating, and the rest is up to you. We are not associated with any law enforcement agencies and are not required to notify law enforcement of the search or its result.

SVK9 can search your entire house, including the following areas:

  • Attics
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Cabinets
  • In and around furniture
  • Backpacks & purses
  • Front and back yards
  • Basements
  • Garage
  • Vehicles

Whether you are worried about a family member’s potential drug use, or concerned that their friends could be bringing drugs into your house, you deserve to know with certainty that your house is drug-free.


What to Expect During a Residential Search

Prior to arrival at your residence we call you to help devise a plan of action upon our arrival and discuss the following:

  • The best time to arrive. Timing is important. It is highly recommended that the suspected user is not present during the search so they will not be able to interfere. SVK9 can schedule appointments during non-traditional business hours to make the process as convenient and discreet as possible.
  • Handler’s attire. In most residential searches, it is requested that the handler arrive in normal street clothes, so if anyone observes the arrival it will simply look like a friend is coming to visit with their dog.
  • Have pets?  If you have pets we will talk about how to confine them in a separate area of the house or property, so they will not interfere with the search and to reduce your pets’ stress during our visit.
  • Determining search areas. Depending on the home and where the suspected user spends most of their time, specific search areas will be determined. In most cases, we will search the entire residence.

Upon arrival to your home the handler will come to your door, leaving the canine in their vehicle. The handler will confirm that any pets that you own are confined to a safe area of your house and will ask you for a tour of the search areas. After the tour, the handler will discuss the plan of action and answer any questions before the search begins. The Handler will also collect payment and have you sign SVK9’s standard services agreement.

The search. The K9 team will then begin the search with you accompanying them throughout the home. The handler will lead the dog through each room in a designated pattern paying attention to subtle signs that the dog may show. The handler will mark all areas of dog indications. This gives you the specific location where you can look for drugs or evidence of drugs once the search of all areas is complete.  If requested, the handler will then observe the search for narcotics by the homeowner.  The handler will give general guidance to the homeowner of how and where to look but will not actually do the search. Keep in mind, the dog’s nose is so sensitive it may alert on residue of where drugs may have been previously stored, but the drugs may not be present at the time of the search.

If substances are found and yet there is doubt that they are illegal narcotics, at your request, we can use a field test kit to confirm the substance is actually an illegal narcotic. The drug identification confirmation is $50 per test.  If narcotics are found it is the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of the narcotics. SVK9 personnel are strictly prohibited from removing the narcotics. SVK9 will provide you disposal recommendations.  If you would like a written report we will provide that to you within three business days of the search. The cost of the report is $45.




Every child deserves a safe, drug-free learning environment. It is critical for a school's success to have an effective, accurate, and discreet method of detecting drugs on school grounds. SVK9 is the least intrusive way to search for and identify illegal substances in a school.

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A drug detection dog is a valuable asset and the least intrusive way of detecting illegal substances in any work environment. The mere presence of a drug detection dog, as well as the knowledge that drug searches are performed regularly, can be enough to deter the possession, trafficking, and use of drugs by employees in the workplace.

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