K9 Detection Services

K-9 Detection Services Explosives, Firearms and Drugs

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Veteran Owned and Operated

Private K-9 Detection Services

Explosives, Firearms and Drugs.

Drug Detection

Drug Detection

A narcotics detection K-9 is an easy, confidential, and discreet way to detect the presence of narcotics in your home.

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Firearms Detection

Firearms Detection

A firearms detection K-9 can quickly and efficiently locate firearms, alerting staff to their presence to prepare a response.

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Explosives Detection

Explosives Detection

An explosives detection K-9 is the most efficient and crowd-friendly way to find and deter bombs or other explosive components at venues, events and gatherings.

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Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection

Detect moving odor from hidden explosives in large crowds and high-flow pedestrian areas without impeding traffic flow.

Vapor Wake® detection is the method and system for detecting explosives and other illicit substances. Vapor Wake working dogs are specifically trained to detect body worn explosives on a moving target. Unlike traditional EDD teams, trained to view static objects or people as their “productive area”, Vapor Wake dogs are obedient to the odor itself.

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"I suspected my 16 year-old was using drugs but he was very skilled at planting the seed of doubt, which made getting the truth even harder, so before I took any disciplinary action I wanted to know for sure. I needed the clarity so I could confidently take action."

Concerned Parent

Did You Know?

Our Dogs Meet The Same Standards as Police K-9s

We use dogs that have been imported, selected, and extensively trained by a nationally recognized Police K-9 training facility, and are at their highest level of performance.

We Are Not Affiliated with Law Enforcement

SVK9 is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency or any other government agencies. This allows the client to handle the matter privately.

Our Drug Searches Are 100% Confidential

The search and the results are discreet and confidential allowing the situation to be managed privately at the discretion of the parents or management responsible.

Private K-9 Detection is Legal

Private K-9 Drug Detection is legal and effective. No probable cause or search warrant needed.
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