Bomb Dogs in Charlotte, NC

SVK9 Bomb Dogs in Charlotte, NC

SVK9 is proud to provide security services throughout the state of North Carolina, especially the “Queen City” of Charlotte. We perform pre-show sweeps of the venue to ensure there are no explosive devices or firearms present. We also remain throughout the event to ensure no new threats are detected. Our Vapor Wake dogs are able to scan up to 150 people per minute as they pass by without disrupting normal flow. Having a security presence at your event serves as a strong deterrent for anyone who might cause problems.

Republican National Convention | August 24-27, 2020

Charlotte will again be the backdrop for a political convention as it was in 2012. Many types of event security will be present as up to 50,000 national and international visitors are expected to visit over the 4 day event. Vapor Wake® K9 security has the ability to scan crowds of up to 150 people per minute as they make their way to and from events without disrupting normal pedestrian flow. SVK9 bomb dogs are able to scan the air for person borne explosives and firearms.

For more information visit the RNC in Charlotte.
RNC in Charlotte

About Vapor Wake Technology


Vapor Wake canine consistently and effectively do what others cannot: follow an explosive target to its source in real time, while the target is in motion. Additionally, Vapor Wake dogs have been socially and environmentally raised to work in high-flow pedestrian areas. Because of this, they can accurately screen hundreds of people passing through an entry point in a nonintrusive way.

Key Points

  • Proven and patented canine technology through Auburn University.
  • Capable of detecting ”moving” odor hidden explosive on a person.
  • Can screen large crowds without impeding traffic flow.
  • Effective and non-invasive security service.
  • Affordable and friendly to the fan experience.
  • Available for immediate deployment.

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